Written Content Marketing and SEO

Content is the New Branding

Food Marketing Creative is a B2B digital marketing company specializing in written content, supported by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for all things food and beverage related.

This combination enables businesses to establish and grow their brand, maintain customer loyalty and expand  their customer base. Our excellent,  well-written content plus SEO places our clients in the top of search engines organically.

What We Write

We write magazine quality feature articles and profiles; content for web pages; newsletters; press releases; compelling blog posts; social media post copy with hashtags; e-commerce catalogue descriptions and chef designed and tested recipes.

Our Team

Food Marketing Creative offers professional writing services. Our established expert writers have years of experience in food writing and have produced articles for numerous national magazines. And yes, even won writing awards!

Our digital marketing specialists are trained in SEO,  incorporated into any piece of written content we create  for online. This helps our clients reach not only their current market, but other potential customers. The goal for any business with an online presence should be to reach the top of the search engine page.

Our in-house French born chef, Gilles, custom creates our recipes. He is extremely talented, endlessly creative and a former instructor for Cordon Bleu. Dessert recipes are designed by our Red Seal pastry chef.

High quality website landing pages, with well-written and strategic content is a must in food and beverage. By frequently posting quality content, your business can establish itself as an expert in the field.

Put Your Business in Focus

In today’s challenging and competitive marketplace, food and beverage companies need to differentiate their businesses from other brands.  Without creative content there is no brand. We believe that content is the new branding.

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Food Marketing Creative is located in Ottawa, Canada with clients across the country, the United States and United Kingdom.